For more than 5000 years, cannabis plant is used for therapeutic purposes1. However, the prohibition of its use and the classification as a controlled substance “Schedule IV” (which defines a dangerous substance and with very limited therapeutic properties, a classification currently much debated and that should soon change) that occurred in the 20th century, limited immense scientific progress and the respective study of the potential benefits of this plant. Over time, this situation has changed and the accumulation of scientific evidence on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis suggests what has been known for a long time, that cannabis has a huge potential to have a very positive impact on the quality of life of many individuals2.

It was in this sense that Smart Nature was established: to give access to products registered with the competent authorities on the basis of the plant cannabis for medicinal purposes, thus enabling everyone to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits.

Who We Are

A multifaceted team that believes in the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Smart Nature was founded to provide access to the best products based on this ancient plant (whose benefits are well latent in the specialty literature2), thus allowing consumers to benefit from its therapeutic properties.

We distinguish ourselves by the fact that all products sold by us will go through the registration process applicable to the respective competent authorities, since only in this way can we guarantee the quality and safety of our products.


Smart Nature proposes to sensitize society about the therapeutic properties related to the plant cannabis for medicinal purposes and by-products, with a focus on the health benefits these products enhance. Thus, products based on the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes will become more accepted alternatives, which will help everyone benefit from these products to improve their quality of life.

We want to become the ideal partners for anyone who wants to have access to this type of products, through a complete offer of products of unassailable quality and a completely personalized customer service.


In addition to the passion and professionalism we dedicate to everything we do, we believe that the values by which we govern our activity will allow us to make a difference:


Our commitment is to the consumer, everything we do comes from the desire to provide the best possible experience with our products. We hope to be able to exceed your expectations in all circumstances.


We monitor the market related to medical cannabis globally on an ongoing basis, in order to identify and propose the best and most innovative products, always thinking about the benefit of the consumer.

Integrity and Excellence

We are guided by the highest standards of ethics and honesty. Although we always want to achieve success, we are the first to take responsibility for failures.


All the products we offer are of the highest quality, meeting all legal requirements. We carefully select our partners to ensure that all products are made following good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices (Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP) and that extracts are obtained from cannabis plants grown following good agricultural and harvesting practices (Good Agricutural and Collection Practices - GACP). All of our partners subject all production processes to rigorous quality tests, so that quality and safety are integrated at all levels.


The well-being of the Portuguese. We are convinced that the products we sell will improve the quality of life of those who consume them according to the recommended indications and dosages.

Why Smart Nature?

There are in Portugal several entities that give access to products (from food supplements to dermocosmetic products) that they say contain different concentrations of cannabinoids. However, considering the current cannabis paradigm in Portugal, there is no guarantee of the quality, safety and potential therapeutic effects of these products.

SMART NATURE was created to change this paradigm.

For us, the safety of our customers is a priority. As such, we ensure regulatory compliance with our products, before placing them on the market. Only in this way can we guarantee that our products are completely safe and of high quality.

In terms of quality, all Smart Nature products (pharmaceuticals, dermocosmetics, veterinary products and food supplements) will be produced according to the highest pharmaceutical production standards. Smart Nature will only provide products that are produced following good manufacturing practices (Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP), and whose extracts come from plants grown following good agricultural and harvesting practices (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice - GACP), having access to all the certificates that prove it.

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  2. Whiting PF, et al. Cannabinoids for medical use: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of the American Medical Association 313 (24): 2456–2473 (2015).
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